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Often the very hardest hour for someone with a mental illness is the first hour of diagnosis. The leap from "I'm a bad person ruining my life" to "I'm a good person with an illness that is ruining my life" is not always easy.

Fortunately for those facing Bipolar disorder the leap just got easier. On September 18, 2007 author and longtime Type II Bipolar Sufferer J.D. Stottlemire in conjunction with published the groundbreaking book, "You Me and Apollo: Hope Beyond Bipolar Disorder."

Written on a seventh grade reading level and taking less than an hour to read, "Apollo" talks frankly about mania, depression and even suicide without ever loosing sight of its central themes; things do get better and "Today there is a great deal of hope."

Update 09/07/08

Joyce Burland, director of the NAMI Family to family program added "You Me and Apollo: Hope Beyond Bipolar Disorder to the Family to Family preferred reading list.

Also, the chapter from "You Me and Apollo: Hope Beyond Bipolar Disorder" that deals with suicide is available online at:

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