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From the Depressed Anonymous Workbook

Step 1 - We admitted that we were powerless over our depression, that our lives had become unmanageable.


  1. You have to admit that you're powerless over this depressed behavior and likewise admit that your life is unmanageable. You don't want to go on living this way. In fact, some days you feel that you just want to lie down and die, but deep inside you the is that spirit that keeps you searching for a way out... Write down your feeling about the above statements. Do you feel ashamed to talk about the fact that you are or have been depressed? or hospitalized for depression?
  2. Please comment on the statement: ...That's the way it is with depression -- over the years you get comfortable with feeling miserable, which doesn't mean you like it but that you're just too afraid to risk feeling different... Can you relate to that? Please write out your comments on the passage above.
  3. Now that I have admitted I am having a difficult time living, I want to learn some new avenues that will make my life more enjoyable and much more livable. Please comment on this statement. Is there anything that you might relate to here?

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