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Self-harm is the act of harming oneself. There are many ways that one may execute such an action, such as: Burns, cuts, and banging certain parts of the body to make bruises. It is somewhat similar to suicidal thoughts, as the person in question may be considering such a thing. Self-harm can be a symptom of depression or bipolar disorder.

IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know is thinking about or actually harming themselves, immediately contact your local emergency services!

This is a very serious warning sign where help may be needed. The body tends to slow down, possibly to keep oneself from harming themselves.

In assessing self-harm, a professional would normally determine if there is a plan, it's lethality, means, and the seriousness of the threat. Around 80 percent of self harm cases use a sharp object. However, this does not mean that people use other methods than this.