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Psychotic features is a term that describes a mood episode that also have the presence of delusions or hallucinations (typically auditory).

Severity specifiers in the DSM[]

The DSM may use psychotic features to describe the following mood episodes:

This specifier is not used for Hypomanic episodes, most likely because because if psychotic features are present the episode is better described as a Manic episode.

Psychotic features are further described as either congruent or incongruent with the current mood. This means whether the features match the mood or not. The following are various examples of types of psychotic features:

Mood congruent, depressive episode[]

  • feeling responsible for the illness of a loved one (when not)
  • a feeling of being punished (when not) because of a personal sin or inadequacy
  • thinking the world is going to be destroyed
  • thinking you have cancer (when you don't) or that you are "rotting away"
  • hearing voices that insult you or put you down

Mood congruent, manic episode[]

  • having delusions or hallucinations with themes of inflated worth, power, knowledge, identity, or special relationship to a deity (god) or famous person
  • hearing God's voice explaining that you have a special mission
  • thinking you are being persecuted because of some special relationship or attribute

Mood incongruent, all episode types[]

  • thinking that someone else is inserting thoughts into your head
  • thinking that other people can hear your thoughts
  • thinking that someone else is controlling your actions

Mood disorders as diagnosed by the DSM edit
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Bipolar disorders: Bipolar I disorder Bipolar II disorder Cyclothymic disorder Bipolar disorder NOS

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