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Depression Boards (bad link; gives 403 error) is an online depression support group and mental illness forum.

The forum was started in June, 2008 by a group of refugees from a number of other, more restrictive, forums. Its aim has always been to offer support and encouragement to those with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

Depression Boards believes in frank and open discussion, as a way forward on the road to recovery. A sense of community is also an important aspect of the healing process, and new members are warmly welcomed.

Most of the forums housed there are private, and registration is required to post. A safe environment for its members is paramount to the site's aim, and it is for this reason that most forums are not publicly accessible. All forums are accessible once registration is completed.

In addition to member posts, a wide range of information on mental illness and associated issues is available.

Depression Boards is not a company, corporation or any kind of money making venture. Nor are they a registered charity. They are against any form of advertising to, or soliciting from, its members, and the site is funded entirely by its administrators.

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