Depression Wiki
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Depression is considered as the most common mental illness. According to National Institute Of Mental Health US, about 16 million adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2012. According to World Health Organization, about 350 million people from all over the world suffer from depression. The exact causes of depression and major depressive disorder aren't known. However, stress and tension play a great role in this. One will be destroyed mentally and physically if affected with chronic depression.

Depression can cause headaches, back pain, muscle aches, and joint pain, chest pain, digestive problems, exhaustion and fatigue, sleep disturbances, change in appetite or weight.

Sleep and depression

According to reports, most of the people suffering from depression sleep too much. Although most of them don’t get to sleep at night. Lack of sleep caused by other illness or anxiety can worsen depression.

Natural Cures

Exercises, healthy diets and getting sufficient sleep can improve your state of mind. Other known- conventional methods such as massage therapy and acupuncture also help in treating depression. While trying out chiropractic services like massage therapy and acupuncture make sure to contact registered acupuncture centers and chiropractors.

I tried acupuncture for my depressive behavior and it helped a lot. I’m pretty thankful to my physician in Burlington.

Like any other mental illness, living with depression can make you exhausted. Taking Psychiatric drugs and medication will weaken you physically. Best thing to do to treat your depression is to hold on to yourself. Deal with it. Get help. Find people who care for you the most. Spent quality time with them Live your life. Do things that will boost your mood. Understand that it’s okay to be sad. Think about the context of being depressed. Live your life as you want it to be. Smile, live, love and laugh.